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Smokin Guns™ is the most effective, high-energy, no crash, fast-acting pre-workout on the market†. Smokin Guns™ is designed with athletes in mind to deliver rapid recovery and enhanced stamina†.

Don’t be fooled by other so called pre workouts that promise results but deliver disappointment. The fact is most pre workouts on the market today are plagued by the idea that more stimulants equals better results, that’s just wrong! Some even include proven ingredients such as Beta-Alanine, Creatine, and Citrulline Malate but severely under dosed or mask by high amounts of stimulants. In addition, consuming high amounts of stimulants over time can lead to adrenal fatigue†.

High Stimulant based pre workouts rob your muscles ability to recover and stay hydrated due to that fact that high amounts stimulants cause vasoconstriction.†
So why take a pre workout that doesn’t help your workout? By definition a Pre Workout is a product that contains ingredients that increases your energy, focus, your muscles ability to recover and increase endurance. This is where Smokin Guns™ delivers†.

Smokin Guns™ was meticulously formulated with synergistic ingredients that promote Vasodilation, Long lasting Energy without the Crash and Enhanced Stamina† .

You should expect to have:
Target like FOCUS†
Enhanced STAMINA†
Endless ENERGY†
Motivation to do MORE†

Absolutely. The ingredients contained in Smokin Guns™ are not gender specific making it perfect for both genders.†

No loading is necessary, just use it as directed. Smokin Guns™ does not contain any ingredients that would alter your body’s ability to function normally, it is generally advised to take period off from supplements every 8 to 10 weeks to allow your body a chance to reset itself.

1 Scoop of Smokin Guns™ is approximately 18 Grams. AKA – a heaping Scoop


The short answer is YES. The reason caffeine is not shown in the supplement facts is because we do not use a standardized amount of caffeine. The caffeine in our product comes from green coffee bean extract and chocolate bean extract. The difference is when you use standardized amounts of caffeine you remove all other compounds/benefits from the source thus leaving you with only caffeine. Studies have shown green coffee bean extract in whole has natural antioxidants and can help reduce blood pressure which aids in vasodilation “PUMP”.Chocolate bean extract has been shown to improve blood flow which also aids in vasodilation “PUMP” .†

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